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Service Provided

Fast & Neat Services LLC provides service for residential and commercial guests. We also offer maintenance cleaning. Fast & Neat Services LLC is willing to conduct cleaning services regularly as often as daily and/or monthly. Though we specialize in contracts for commercial cleaning service, we also accept residential contracts.

Hours of Operation

Fast & Neat Services LLC operate Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm and 10pm - 5am. Saturdays vary by appointment. For contracted guests we recommend the same time and weekday to create consistency and convenience for all parties.

Additional Projects

Fast & Neat Services LLC work by the hour, so miscellaneous projects are welcomed. Simply email or text us your special requests so we can budget it into the regular work routine at your location. 


Fast & Neat Services LLC understands that things happen sometimes. In the case that we must reschedule your services, please call, text, or email us as soon as possible and we will do our best to reschedule your services at the next earliest convenience.

Safety & Security

It is not a necessity for someone to be present at home or in the building during scheduled services. If the home/business has an alarm system please make sure we have access to the code for disarming and arming when we arrive and leave. If the establishment requires access with a key, we will have a security box for keys as a safety measure. Please note that your home/business is safe in our hands.

Sick Leave & Time Off

If anyone in your home and/or building has any illness such as the Flu, a common cold etc. please communicate with us we can reschedule your services. Provided in each service includes disinfecting your home and/or business, it is possible to transport germs from place to place. We are dedicated to protecting our guests and their families.

Service Not Provided

Fast & Neat Services LLC does NOT provide services for stripping and waxing floors w/heavy machinery. We can NOT move any heavy furniture, appliances or heavy office equipment to clean underneath and/or behind. We do NOT climb ladders higher than 10 feet. 

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