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Q & A

Q. Do you work alone or with a crew: ? 

A. We are training our cleaners to work individually as well as

with a team of cleaning professionals

Q. When can you provide me with an estimate: ?

A. Once we have scheduled and completed the walkthrough

Fast and Neat Services LLC will use the gathered detailed information provided (i.e) Email, Phone, Address, Cleaning needs, and advise you will receive an estimate within a day  

Q. How do you set your rates: ?

(1) To be able to work with our potential client and their budget we will always ask about a budget in mind.

(2) We will have gathered information from the walkthrough to help determine the manpower, labor, and material needed.  

Q & A

Q. Do you conduct Employee background checks: ?

A. It is our responsibility to run background checks on the people we employ.

Q. Are you Insured Bonded: ?

A. Yes..! We are insured and bonded we give our homeowners, Commercial Businesses, and Post Construction clients the peace of mind and relaxation that our company takes our services and customers very seriously.

Q. Do you bring Cleaning Equipment and Supplies: ?

A. Yes..! The last thing we want is to be a cleaning company that shows up to clean without any cleaning supplies or products. However, we are aware that some clients and companies prefer to provide their own products, while others will request that we provide them. We will ask if there is any special products you would like our cleaner to use, Please make sur you provide them with it at the start of the cleaning along with instructions or suggest we provide it.   

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