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About Us

Fred and Netta Martin uniquely decided to bring a new fresh cleaning business/ideal to life, and started by naming it Fast and Neat Services LLC, representing the first letters of their names, and adding services that we can stand by. They launched their business from the ground up, focusing on Residential, Commercial, Small Business, and Storefront Post Construction Clean up Industries.  Their business focuses on their clients’ needs, so with every walkthrough, they promise you a great experience, budget-friendly prices, and top-of-the- line cleaning products that are safe for the environment, their clients, and the fur babies, if any.

How does your faith in Jesus impact the way you do business?

We believe that the Holy Spirit works within… we came together by Faith, and are led by Faith.  It was our faith together that moved Netta to decide to walk away from a 14-year career in Law Enforcement for several reasons, but most importantly, it hindered me from church and time with the Lord (and with my understanding of God and the Holy Bible). As I grew into the word of God, mountains were easily moved and God was ever so present in my home, in our lives, and in our business decisions.  Our business was founded on faith and faith alone. We never thought entrepreneurship was arising.  Just as Netta studied the word of God, she also studied the ins and outs of our business. We are making sure we grow our business from the ground up, with all the above inspiration and purpose God is granting us.  Just like the purpose God put us here on earth for, we are also putting into our business.

Our Vision

We seek to save time, promote cleanliness one door turn at a time. Bringing the need of our services to you and your environment.”

Our Mission

"With every wipe. With every sweep. And every mop. We strive to maintain a clean, sanitized environment to meet all of  our clients daily needs."

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